Wednesday, May 5, 2010

News On New York Fashion Week: Fall 2012

Word on the street for quite some time, is that Fern Mallis has left IMG and gone off to start her own consulting firm. Please remember that Mallis started New York Fashion Week back in the 1990s and is responsible for fostering the birth of some of the best American talent. So, once you are done crying about the queen bee behind the "V-trailer" check out the rundown for the Lincoln Center come September.

1.The shows will be held September 9 to 16 and there will be a roomy lobby for press and buyers to take a break in.

2. They’ve dedicated space for video installations and other “alternative” presentations, as well as outdoor space.

3. Along with three runways, there will also be a room for live presentations and press conferences.

Look for me, as usual, dressed to the nines, while pretending not to saunter backstage.Retweet this button on every post blogger

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