Monday, July 26, 2010

True Whit by Whitney Port

The City was my show until I became so enamored in classes that I could barely watch it. If you are still in the dark about the "bright lights, long nights of the city", your bubble is about to be burst. The show was a sham and half of the parties that they attended were fake, just like a few of those jobs! Kelly Cutrone was literally "the realest one" on there.

So what is a young starlet to do, in order to remain on the East coast and pay New York City's sky high rent? Write a self- help book just like your mentor! Whitney Port is only 25 years old, but do not get me wrong, there are some wise young people out there.

She states that her book is "Really fun and fresh, a how-to-guide where I can share anecdotes that I've learned from both work and my personal life." Look for outfit options to wear on that first date, making a tiny apartment more welcoming, and the likes. I will not be purchasing a copy, but feel free to send me one.

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