Thursday, August 19, 2010


Recently my friend the Queen Bee of our college campus, turned 21 and invited me to celebrate at a New York City hot spot, the Empire Hotel. What a night of fashionable surprises. Tisk, Tisk.

Little did I know that pressed flat front shorts, a Polo Ralph Lauren oxford, Bostonian penny loafers, and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag would not cut it. Ladies and gents dressed in jeans eased right past me, just because their legs were covered! Rumor has it that chicks were on the rooftop with dresses from Rainbow. Yes, I said RAINBOW, home the truly broke ones...

Thankfully my girl's place is reckless and fully of girly goodness; stacks and stacks of fashion magazines, a bathroom of over flowing with beauty products, and the most comfortable white sofa to sit and stuff my face with cupcakes. Trust me, if I come to visit, have a tooth brush and bar of dove soap nearby because we WILL be laughing all night!

For the record, I will be coming back to the Empire Hotel and expect to see a gang of well dressed rough necks with me, and what!

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