Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Favorite Playground: Atlantic City

I consider myself blessed to be able to walk uptown, kick it mid-town, but consider myself a downtown boy. Honestly my birth place is Atlantic City and despite its many um, pitfalls "I made it out", lemme stop, before my scholarships get revoked. My hometown has been good to me and even featured an exhibition at the local library about me!

Most of the posts on this blog are New York based, but consider this one post your government check. Once a month and straight up free, holla! There are many deals and good times to be had at my former stomping grounds where my friends and I would meet up, work long hours during breaks from school, or get stalked by security.

Visit Atlantic City Outlets The Walk next time you swing by Jersey or just click here to make sure you get some really hot stuff for cheap. By the way feel free to tell Loca that StyleSTAR said "I still want my dolla back"! Happy Shopping and guido hunting.

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