Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jane Magazine is Jane Pratt

Jane Pratt has long been my much sought after mentor for numerous reasons. She had a goal, was more than successful in surpassing it, and created a name for herself that will go down in history, Jane, both the in person and in print.

Falling Out of Fashion by Karen Yampolsky answered every question that I have ever had about the now defunct magazine for 20 something women and the mastermind behind it, even a few lingering thoughts about Sassy.

The author worked as the personal assistant to Jane Pratt for nine years and released this book the same year Jane, the magazine folded, which at the time was edited by the founding editor of Elle Girl, Brandon. At times it felt like an "I am sorry" letter, but other than that it kept it real about believing in yourself and its many pitfalls. Though names were written as pseudonyms it is pretty obvious who Yampolsky was referring to, except that fashion designer friend of hers...Retweet this button on every post blogger

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