Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year. New Me. Nevermind.

Some time ago, I think it was the turn of the new year, I came across a really cool post on a blog that I like to read. It basically stated that instead of making new year's resolution that will go out of the window faster than lip gloss from the dollar store, why not just make an inspiration board instead.

The purpose of the inspiration board is to serve as a visual aid and reminder of what you truly want in life and why its important. So far I have not been doing too bad. Then again I have not opened that savings account in order to save for my trip to Paris.

Have you created an inspiration board yet? And if so, what are your plans for the new year and beyond? Feel free to let me know as I am always willing to help someone out, between the hours of 9am and never. Just kidding...

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