Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Is In Your Man Bag?

It truly is a blessing to be what some would consider a metrosexual, when really you are just a gentleman. In other words a good game of bloody knuckles from time to time is fun, but your patent leather Calvin Kleins are always shined and silk pocket square is in tow at work and social outings. However, people still wonna know, what is in your "man bag". Please see below.

1. Nivea Creme for dry knuckles
2. headphones for internships
3. Bath & Body Works "Candy Corn" scented hand sanitizer
4. fold out subway map from FIT
5. Orbit White chewing gum
6. writing implements; pen, pencils, highlighter
7. boar's hair brush, yes beau!
8. pocket pack of tissues
9. Nutri- Grain strawberry flavored granola bar
10. Estee Lauder or Louis Vuitton satchel to hold it all?

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