Friday, July 29, 2011

Border's Is Bouncing And Everything Is 40% Off!

So you may of heard by already that "the realest" book store Border's, is closing their doors once and for all. If not, read this post right quick, get dressed and high tail it to your nearest location! Prices have been slashed on EVERYTHING by 40% and the madness will just continue until the stores are dirt empty.

When I stepped into the store, newsstands were rather slim with magazines being 40% off. Interesting enough, Glamour was really the only women's interest publication left. There was a lot to choose from in the genres of home, men's interest, teen, etc.
This is what I happened to find, but ultimately passed on seeing that they are still cheaper on websites such as, and qualify for free shipping. Let me know what you find as I am still in need of a Gallery leather planner for 2012 in turquoise!

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