Saturday, September 17, 2011

5 Questions, 5 Minutes W/ Jeffrey Banks

Veteran fashion designer and pioneer Jeffrey Banks, is a living legend. Recently he and I were waiting in attendance for the Tracy Reese spring 2012 fashion show during Mercedes Benz New York fashion week.

I decided to you this opportunity to interview a man of colour that knows a thing or two about well, colour, and being successful in the fashion industry.

StyleSTAR: I remember seeing your picture in my mother's copies of Ebony magazine growing up. Your career has spanned a really long time, what are you up to these days?

Jeffrey Banks: I am currently designing a line for HSN, geared towards the women's wear market, home decor, and am in the process of writing a book that will actually be released in the next three weeks.

SS: What would you say is your greatest accomplish thus far?
JB: My greatest accomplishment has been being the youngest fashion designer to ever receive a Coty award. It was my first win until later winning the designer of the year award.

SS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years Mr. Blanks?
JB: In ten years I still see myself being a fashion designer. I plan to continue to educate the next generation of designers.

SS: Do you have any words of advice for readers of my blog?
JB: My words of advice are simply this, learn about the business of fashion. Its not art, its something that people buy and wear...

as told to StyeSTAR
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