Saturday, September 24, 2011

"There Goes Your Social Life". -Dionne in Clueless

I am officially a college junior and am all the more thankful for it. I have officially earned my striped and am still healing from them, yes that was a reference to slavery.

The transition from the "real world" back to college life has not been an easy one. So much for cute outfits, scheduling meetings, and morning tea. All of that last part was embellished none the less, but you know what I mean.

So much is available at my college the Fashion Institute of Technology and I would be a fool to not seize it. That juxtaposed with my spiritual walk makes for a serious headache though, but GOD is good and he did make a way. In the words of June Ambrose, stay tuned...

The curriculum 5th semester at F.I.T. is not a joke, but what does not kill you, makes you (Nicki Minaj voice) a monster!
And, I was even blessed with a seat to my mentor's spring 2012 show, Tracy Reese

Check out my new digs, flaming hot Cheetos, plantain chips, and a cable knit throw pillow, LoL...

photo credit: StyleSTAR
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