Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's In My Bag, Part Two...

Most men carry some sort of bag these days. I just call mine a handbag to be funny, especially since it's from the men's line (@Coach). Other wise I rock a neutral coloured backpack through out the week. Here is a sneak peek inside my little guy with a few prized possessions mixed in. Enjoy!

(starting from left, counter clockwise)
1. Estee Lauder pouch
2. Emergency health aides
3. Measuring tape
4. soft & hard candy
5. headphones
6. a combo lock
7. an emergency cell phone battery
8. cologne sample
9. instant oatmeal packet, yummy!
10. checkbook for emergencies
11. mini toothbrush & tooth paste
12. Tide 2 Go pen, hand creme, sanitizer, and mini brush
13. velvet slippers
14. chewing gum, usb, class binder
15. "the key"...

photo credit: StyleSTAR
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