Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Now you know that I love me some college, especially my college, the Fashion Institute of Technology. We have school spirit out of the wazoo and never disappoint the student body. This past weekend was the Block Party, inspired by all things hippie, and juxtaposed with cotton candy, a flea market, and you guessed it, an exclusive interview with the two gentlmen behinds those Lego heart and bow ties. Read on, won't you...

StyleSTAR: So how did you two get out there, and by out there I mean land on the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway?

Dee: By being in those streets heavily, just like those yellow lines.

StyleSTAR: And as cool as those Lego blocks are, why did you choose them as your first medium?

Ricky: Lego blocks recant childhood and are beyond iconic, ya dig?

SS: Besides FIT being the "realest" campus on the planet, how did you end up at the Block Party this afternoon?

D: Miss Jamison; the EOP lady!

SS: Most recently you were snapped by Nylon magazine and labeled as the "Ones to Watch", how does that feel?

D: It's crazy man, being recognized on the street and stuff, ya know!

SS: So, in conclusion, what words of advice do you have for other young brothers and sisters, regardless of well, everything, that are on the come up?

R: Keep doing, what you're doing.
D: Don't stop 'til you get enough.Retweet this button on every post blogger

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  1. Way cool Stylestar! EOP rocks for bringing these guys to campus and you rock for snagging the intw.