Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joe Zee Is Not the One?!

I have said enough about MTV's The City, (peep the search engine on the bottom right hand side) in past posts. So with that said, another fashion favorite has been hit with the Hollywood bug or just wanted to take a break from all that is corporate America.

Joe Zee has signed on with the Sundance Channel to star in his own show All On the Line. Each episode will be one hour long and revolve around him helping a dead beat designer become a shining star again. Maybe Richie Rich will be on the first episode, (insert line from White Chicks here). Feel free to click on the official site if you think my jokes were a bit too catty, but I have met Mr. Zee, consider him to be very talented, kind hearted, and outgoing. As for Richie Rich, now y'all know...

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