Friday, July 17, 2009

M.AC. Is At It Again...

(NEW YORK) It's not unusual for scenesters to grace three parties in a single night, but it is rare when all the fetes celebrate the same initiative. Such was the case last night, when M.A.C unveiled the artwork it commissioned from Marilyn Minter, Richard Phillips and Maira Kalman with parties at the artists' studios.

"We thought it'd be interesting to see what three artists in their own field would do if we gave them our Fall color collection," said James Gager, M.A.C's senior vice president and creative director. "So we split the collection into thirds, and asked each one to interpret how a woman might wear these colors. I didn't get involved in art directing; I wanted the project to be pure. At M.A.C, we do a lot of things that no other company would dare. This is probably one of these things! But the idea is to celebrate the beauty of everyone."

First stop: Minter's studio on Mercer Street. "I've been shooting with M.A.C products since I started--the store is right down the street," the artist laughed. "This is the way I shoot! Every time the model changed makeup, I had her go lick the piece of glass--the next thing I know, Madonna has bought the work to display when she performs the last song on her tour!" As guests drank pink lemonade and tasted berry-flavored ice cream, Minter divulged her upcoming projects. "I'm working like a fiend. I've got three shows--boom, boom, boom. All these paintings you see are going to that!"

The crowd headed uptown to 12th street, where white wine and deviled eggs awaited in Kalmain's elegant home and studio. "How does it feel to host all these people? It feels warm!" joked the artist, who is best-known to the fashion crowd for her covers of The New Yorker. "But everybody's very beautiful, so it's fine." Isaac Mizrahi was just one of the artists who stopped by to check out her illustration, entitled "Young Woman at Yellow Table. "I used M.A.C's eye pencils in the sketches," the artist shared. "They break too easily, but they're intended for a more delicate application."

After breaking for dinner, the festivites continued in Richard Phillips' soaring loft space in West Chelsea. Gareth Pugh, Ed Westwick, Todd Eberle, Lisa Anastos, Amy Sacco, Erin Fetherson, Zoe Kravitz, Rachel Feinstein and John Currin and plenty more revellers raged into the morning hours, as certain guests mused about their own beauty regimes. "I don't wear it," Minter declared. "They did this tonight, eyelashes and everything! When you get older, you look better without it--except lipstick."


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